crystal_tcm (crystal_tcm) wrote in uwf,

Seeking advice

Hi! I am coming to UWF (from Hong Kong) the following fall semester for my exchange programme, and I have a few questions here...

1. have you taken these courses: Intro to Archaeology, into to Anthropology, Busuness and Professional Communication? 
    could you gimme some advice for studing these courses?

2. where do you usually go for shopping (for daily necessities or foods)? how far is it?

3. how is your campus and hostel life? lots of parties or activities held by any club/societies going on?

4. Since you guys mentioned the traffic in Pensacola is so inconvinent, then  would it be a good idea to   buy a bike(since I can't drive in US)?

Sorry for so many questions! But I really need your advice......
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