caroline (rockyraccoon91) wrote in uwf,

Apartment in Governor's Gate!

Hey! My roommate and I are looking for a third person to move in with us to Governor's Gate.
We already have an apartment reserved, it's very nice and your share would only be $310 a month plus utilities (electricity, water and cable/internet). You would get your own room and would share a bathroom with me.
Move in date is July 28 and the lease is for a year!
We're not picky about male or female, we just want a financially responsible (with references) UWF student who is easy-going and on the quiet side.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, please contact me via message or comment!
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July 24 2009, 18:52:18 UTC 8 years ago

heyy my name is daniella and i am actually going to uwf for the fall and need some place to stay..have yall found a third roommate?


July 24 2009, 18:59:53 UTC 8 years ago

My email is by the way! =)